Triana Nurmaria

“Art is the path that I chose to be truly myself.”

Born: Situbondo, 24 February, 1995

Education: Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta

Style: Abstract

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

About the Artist:

Triana is a young Indonesian artist who uses human figures as the central subject in her works. Her artworks are packed with depictions of passion, dreams, hopes, ideas and creativity, all with human figures in dynamic mode, and according to her, not knowing when and where to be anchored. 

Her strong and spontaneous lines and brush strokes are testaments to her bold personality and confident self-identity, and she narrates what is very personal to her through her artworks.
Instead of specifically having a feminist motive, Triana hopes that her art gives the audience a broad space to build up their own artistic narrative.

Group Exhibitions:
? “Positioning,” Yogya Annual Art #3, Sangkring Art Project, Yogyakarta
? “Seninjong #3,” Plataran Djokopekik, Yogyakarta
? “SENSI,” Tulang Rusuk Community, Jogja Gallery
? “Estrelass Art Nov,” Breeze Art Space, Tangerang
? “November on Paper,” Young Artists Exhibition #2, Bale Banjar Sangkring, Yogyakarta
? “To be Indonesia,” Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta
? “Aksy Artsy,” Gallery Katamsi, Yogyakarta
? “Drawing for Unity,” Studio Kalahan Heri Dono, Yogyakarta
? “SINOM,” Red Wine #2, Tembi Rumah Budaya, Yogyakarta
? “All You Can Art XI,” Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta
? “TEMUMUKA,” Indonesia-Malaysia, Perahu Art Connection, Yogyakarta
? “DISLEKSIA,” Jogyakarta National Museum
? “Perahu Art Connection,” ANGGUR MERAH Group Exhibition, Yogyakarta
? “Drawing Nusantara,” Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
? “We Are Not Concern About Nothing,” DGTMB, Yogyakarta
? “Under Construction,” Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta
? “Jogja Skala Richter,” Pendhapa Art Space, Yogyakarta
? “Art for Orang Utan,” Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta

? 5 Best Painting, On the Spot Painting Competition, Pelataran Djoko Pekik Studio, Yogyakarta
? Jungkat Art Award
? Best Painting, Basic painting II Exhibition, ISI Yogyakarta
? Best Painting, Basic painting I Exhibition, ISI Yogyakarta

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