Mayin Assurance

We understand the importance you place on authenticity and credibility. Mayin, stands for the values and believes in outright authenticity and transparency. We believe, it’s easy to strike a relationship but to maintain the same, it takes a lot many values which need to concur – trust, credibility and transparency being few of these. We believe in establishing a long-term engagement with you. 

Mayin, assures each of our customers and partners that, all the paintings and artwork of Mayin, have been sourced directly from the artist after careful consideration and evaluation. 

Each work is authentic, and a original creation of the artist. Each artwork stands for a unique context and we neither appreciate nor believe in reprints. Given the exclusive arrangements that we have with the artists, every artwork is uniquely available only at Mayin.

Mayin, will ensure each item comes with a personal note from the artists, personally signed by the creator and will be happy to arrange the creator to answer any questions you may have about the purchased artwork or queries relating to any artwork.

Mayin assures that should you find any discrepancy in the artwork that you bought and it is different than what was shown on the portal, we will be happy to take back the artwork with an undertaking from you (for detailed process and conditions related to return process please refer to the returns section). Once receive the artwork, the complete amount will be refunded after offsetting the shipment costs from the total paid amount.

We at Mayin, want ensure that you as our customer has a unique experience each time you buy from Mayin – taking care of all the values that we mutually respect. 

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