Mayin Story

Word from the Founder

‘Every Child is an Artist. The problem is how to remain an Artist once we grow up’ – Pablo Picasso

I was introduced to the magical world of colours and art during my teens. I pursued it for about 8 years, long enough to give me some understanding, interest and awareness of art and what goes on within the mind of an artist. Today although I cannot call myself a good artist, I can safely claim that I have witnessed and experienced the fire and passion of an artist whether he or she be famous or not. 

Through the years my interest for art lingered on and so did the awareness. My 30 years of professional life gave me the opportunity to travel and spend majority of my time in Southeast Asia specially India, Indonesia and the Philippines. What struck me most during these years is that technology and its speed of change has changed many facets of our life and has redefined the social fabric. However, amongst the few things that technology failed to touch or change and remains truly timeless is creativity, art and the mindset of artists. 

I realized everyone in some form or the other appreciates art. I also realized many so called common people like us, want to possess, appreciate, and often learn about art or an artist, but either do not have the means, luxury, or sometimes the affordability to own pieces of creative art. Similarly, the commercial success of an artist or the value of an art work, has got more than just the quality or creativity of the artist, but also their his luck, association, marketing machinery behind them and timing of events.

The biggest realization of all is that there are so many artists in Indonesia and India, with creative talents which they have inherited through thousands of years of cultural blending of the fertile lands full of history. Yet, they do not get an opportunity to taste any success of their work, simply because they do not have right platform to showcase their work. Many of them struggle to make ends meet and many struggle to keep themselves motivated to put their creative thoughts on canvas filtering it past their frustration and poverty.

This is the trigger behind the creation of Mayin. We thought, we can help create a platform and help bring these creativities out into the open. Give an opportunity to customers to taste these creative work, give a fair appreciation to the creators and make a transparent forum, while preserving the art forms, the creativity and talent alive and brewing.

And hence the three founding principles of

· a fair play to the artists,

· a true value for the art works,

· only offer original work at an affordable price.

We truly believe that there is an artist in everyone, who may not be able to create art work daily, but will be able to appreciate creative art every moment.




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