Indonesian Ceramic Arts original root are traced to Hakka Chinese immigrants who migrated to Indonesia early 18th century. They were instrumental in introducing the traditional ceramic art to the local art community. However, the western influence in the ceramic art started in second half of 20th century when the local artists started moving to the west and bringing backthe knowledge to Indonesia. This resulted in a wonderful confluence of ‘East’ and ‘West’, which has shaped the Ceramics Art in Indonesia. Our endeavour has been to support this art and also unearth these artists and bring them on a global stage.


One such artist is Chrisina Rou. Christina is an autodidact potter who lives in Yogyakarta Indonesia. Nowadays she is focuses on tableware product which she designs and colours or paints by herself. Most of the potteries are inspired by the nature such as green leaves, blue skies, sandy beach, wavy sea, beautiful birds and fishes. 

Christina first makes her master model by building the clay with hand throwing technique, and then she burns it in kiln at 700 - 900 Celsius degree. After burning the clay, the second step is colouring the ceramic with leadless-glaze. Colouring can be done by various techniques like splashing, dipping, and painting with brush.  After colouring, the ceramic is ready to be burnt with 1000 - 1200 Celsius degree.  Since her ceramic are coloured with leadless – glaze, they are safe for food.

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