Imagine a piece of art which is useful and beautiful while also has a room to express your individuality. These leather journals which are exclusively handcrafted by a couple who live in small village in Yogyakarta Indonesia, exactly serves the purpose of such an art.

As true creators and artisans, we realise that having right materials is the most crucial starting point to produce a great piece of art. Hence we have worked on choosing the high quality goat and cow leather. The texture and colour of its each cover is one of a kind since all of these are manually processed right from boiling, drying, oiling and drying & then pressing.

Each journal uses recycle paper and can be refilled as it is finish. Every single time you write on the paper you can feel and relish the lasting impressions of the experience.

Last but not the least, you can leave your mark on this wonderful piece of art by having your own unique mark. We can help you print a text or name on the journal as per your preference.

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